To the Editor:

Living for 25 years across the street from Town Hall could be construed as having the necessary credentials to judge the performance of our current first selectman, Curtis Read. Add to that my daily morning conversations in the general store with many Bridgewater residents and my experience with town committees. This could almost elevate my status to “expert.”

As a lifelong Republican and recent member of the Republican Town Committee, I am pleased to endorse Curtis Read for a second term as Bridgewater’s first selectman. He has demonstrated the ability to adjust to an ever changing “state” environment, presented to the voters fiscally conservative budgets which were approved, fought for the educational interests of our residents and, most importantly, has eliminated “politics” from Town Hall.

In addition, he is there when he’s supposed to be, his office door is open and he makes himself available to hear various ideas, complaints and/or general discussion. One of his favorite subjects is his successful project modernizing the town’s computer systems. He provides executive support and guidance to our key town committees and all the town employees. The way our town government is organized, the first selectman is the glue that makes it all work. Curtis has this skill set; his opponent does not.

William D. Macgeorge

Published Saturday, August 26, 2017