I have lived in Bridgewater for many years part-time, over the past few years full-time and am planning to stay in this lovely village the rest of my life.  I am going to vote for the Read-Brown team to continue to govern here because the many accomplishments of their current tenure are so tangible, impressive and important to me.

Curtis Read, who is an environmental expert, has removed leaking fuel tanks and contaminated soil from the Grange, Town Garage and Peck House and is installing solar panels on the Town Garage.   He has found creative and sound ways to pay for the much needed repair of several town buildings while reducing property taxes.  He is a person with an unusual grasp of all things “nuts and bolts” and has a friendly and knowledgeable working relationship with the people who keep our infrastructure going.

The Read-Brown success in saving Burnham School, the heart of the town and it’s future, is arguably the most  important of their accomplishments.

In town meetings Curtis is articulate, fair, open and forthcoming with details. He differentiates fact from his professional opinion and the opinions of others. He actively seeks feedback from  townspeople. He doesn’t shy away from difficulty or complexity and he perseveres.  I am confident that remaining in office he will successfully tackle our need for new housing for young families and Seniors.

On the basis of his record and his character I feel safe and optimistic keeping my home in Read-Brown hands.

Andrew Looker, M.D.
Bridgewater, CT

Published Wednesday, October 4, 2017
New Milford Spectrum