Curtis Read has been an exemplary First Selectman for Bridgewater. Right away he recognized that the town was at a crossroads. Either we could change and revitalize growth, or continue to decline.

His bold advocacy of changing the outdated “dry status” and his willingness to help facilitate construction,  has allowed significant investment to be made in our village and resulted in the creation of the renovated Village Store and the opening of the Bistro. Hopefully, this has been well received not only by Bridgewater residents, but also has added to the stature of the town as it is viewed by people from surrounding areas.

Curtis’ drive to maintain the Burnham School as viable and operating for the future, has been very important in helping to support real estate values and make the town attractive for young families.

I believe we need to continue to support Curtis Read as our First Selectman.

Peter May
Bridgewater, CT