To the Editor,

After reading the most recent campaign letter from the Bridgewater Republicans, I see that Nancy Hawley is still in a time warp, still battling the former First Selectman of Bridgewater. The thing is, he left four years ago, and there have been many changes in our town since then. We have a fresh and dynamic administration, an open government.

The charge that the present incumbent is somehow at fault for supporting the former selectman, and so complicit in the poor condition of Town buildings years back, is just unfair.  There has been no administrative foot-dragging in regards to the Grange building or with other Town properties. All municipal projects take time: bids need to be collected, grants need to be written, multiple meetings to inform the local citizens prior to a vote must be held.  And of course the schedule of the contractors has to be factored in.  There is no magic wand for this process, much as we might wish there were.  And there are many other aspects of administration that need to be addressed.  We aren’t a one-issue, one-problem town.

As for the quote from songwriter John Mayer (“When they own the information they can bend it all they want”),  the present administration doesn’t own the truth, but it does stick to it. That’s why I will vote for Read/Brown in November.

Jane Bernstein

Bridgewater, CT