We are writing in support of Curtis Read and Alan Brown for reelection to the  Board of Selectmen of the Town of Bridgewater.  The facts are compelling.

As First Selectman, Curtis Read has had a remarkable record of accomplishment.  Together with Selectman Alan Brown, he has provided effective leadership in meeting the many challenges facing a small town such as Bridgewater.  They have established fiscally responsible budgets in a difficult economic environment and worked hard to ensure that the Town lives within its means.  Remarkably, they have lowered taxes yet at the same time have made needed capital improvements to the Town’s buildings and roads and created an environment that has led to significant new investment (witness the development of the Bridgewater Bistro).  They have fought successfully to protect the Burnham School and the Shepaug School and their innovative programs have stabilized or increased enrollments.  Importantly, they have effectively represented Bridgewater’s interests in the Region 12 School District as well as in statewide budgetary discussions and initiatives.

Curtis is a dedicated conservationist and participates in many conservation activities and organizations, such as the Northwest Conservation District, where Curtis is Chairman.  He is dedicated to preserving Bridgewater’s beautiful rural nature.  He was a board member and past chairman of the Inland Wetlands Commission.  He formed his own water testing company and well understands the importance of respecting the Town’s natural environment.  Our roads, trees and fields are well maintained throughout the year.  The new sidewalk along Main Street has enabled the several Town buildings to be better connected.  The newly improved Recreation Center is the focus of many activities and programs and is there for all of Bridgewater’s residents to enjoy.  The surrounding playing fields, playground, tennis courts, pond and dog park are beautifully maintained.  The Town has never looked better.

Curtis’s leadership has been inclusive and respectful of all of the Town’s citizens.  He listens to our concerns and ideas and his door is always open.  His vision for the Town is forward looking and dynamic.  Curtis’s heart is in our Town and community and we are fortunate to have him and Alan and their team in Bridgewater.

They deserve to be reelected.

Carroll and Michael Macdonald