Most every citizen knows that the First Selectman wears many hats in leading the town government. Perhaps the most important role is that of CFO (chief financial officer), who is responsible for defining and defending our annual budgets and ensuring that town departments and special projects are carefully managed.
Curtis Read has been successful at this responsibility and believes he is qualified because he is “a cheap Yankee who hates wasting money.” After all, Curtis is a businessman with years of experience running both corporations and non-profits.

Right away in the first term he saved money by re-organizing Town Hall hours and software systems to garner efficiencies. Another example: a new program with Roxbury to share the Resident State Trooper which saves us about $85,000/year.

When you have a leader who can write construction specs and grant applications, the Town saves money. As a result we have garnered over $75,000 from the state to support construction of sidewalks and valuable free services from the CT DOT. The Town insists on quality at a fair price when we select contractors to do all the new construction and remedial projects that have been accomplished in the first term. There is more work planned, and clearly Curtis is the one who will get it done!

You might think taxes would have gone up….. NOT, as a matter of fact, property taxes have dropped a bit in 3 out of 4 years. We have also witnessed year-end budget surpluses totaling over $500,000. Our Police Department is fully staffed and well equipped. The Town garage has new equipment and better services. Curtis has taken advantage of grants and competitive bidding to keep our critical services humming.

Our Town of Bridgewater is stronger and better off in many ways than four years ago. This is a result of strong financial management and cooperative efforts with all our departments and commissions. Nobody can do all that has been accomplished alone, but our current CFO/CEO/First Selectman has enabled this progress and would like to continue with your support. We hope you agree.