As Bridgewater residents since 1962, our family represents two generations that support Curtis Read and Alan Brown.

The progress made in the last four years is obvious and tangible.

•  With the allowance of alcohol to be served, we’re now able to enjoy a lovely dinner at the Bistro which blossomed from the Village Store. Our sleepy little village that once was shut down at dark, now has renewed energy.
•  The new sidewalks provide much needed connectivity between the architectural pillars of our community and encourage a pedestrian lifestyle.
•  Enhanced online and social media updates have modernized our communication.
•  Conservation efforts with both land and energy use has kept Bridgewater green and open, it’s why we love our town.

This livelihood and connectivity creates a fertile community attracting newcomers which benefits the entire region.

Read and Brown are a thoughtful and intelligent team who are committed to progress at an appropriate pace. They are available, involved and always present on every level.

I know them both to personally and passionately participate in local activities which enhance our community and continues to fortify our society.

On a personal note, we are neighbors to Curtis Read.

When my brother’s Bridgewater home burned down in 2014, Curtis helped facilitate a program which made smoke detectors available free of charge for anyone who needed them.

Re-elect Read & Brown.

They are available, accessible, reliable, reasonable…and proven.

They have our vote,

Larina Cipolla
Ruth Cipolla
October 22, 2017