Back in 2013, Bridgewater voters had to replace Democratic First Selectman William T. Stuart, who was retiring after 30 years. We endorsed Republican Nancy L. Hawley, then a Board of Finance member, but voters ultimately chose Democrat Curtis S. Read, then a selectman.

This year, now-First Selectman Read is seeking a second four-year term and faces a challenge from Ms. Hawley, now a selectman. Mr. Read talks up some notable accomplishments, involving the improvement of town infrastructure, modernizing Town Hall computer systems, lowering property taxes in three of the last four fiscal years, and modernizing zoning regulations, among other things. With this record, it is hard to argue Mr. Read should get a pink slip. That said, we hope Ms. Hawley stays active in Bridgewater politics. With her background in municipal affairs and banking, she has the right stuff to be first selectman some day, especially since Mr. Read has said a second term would be his last.