The Danbury News-Times editorial staff interviewed both candidates this week and within hours made their endorsement. During the interview Nancy Hawley discussed a “data breach” that occurred at Town Hall over a year ago. We think it is important to set the record straight on this issue as it clearly caught the attention of the News-Times editor and is being spread through social media.

The truth is that it was not a “data breach” – no data was compromised – but rather a security issue. The issue was included on the Selectmen’s agenda as “Cyber Security” under New Business and discussed briefly on July 11, 2016. Curtis Read, an experienced computer software expert, fully explained the resolution of the issue by our IT contractor in the meeting. There was no personal information stored on our applications server that was stolen as is being implied. Any information on that server is all publicly available. No SS#, CC#, license # and no passwords are kept there. Our server was secured immediately by our IT contractor, and there was never any indication that data was lost or compromised. We also do not store the types of information that would have required citizen notification.

We are asking voters in these last few days to really think about the information they are hearing and reading. Where is it coming from? Why is Town Hall business from over a year ago manufactured to be a hot campaign topic? In less than a month after that July 11, 2016, meeting, Nancy Hawley had become a selectman herself. Why didn’t she inquire about or even mention the issue then? Who do I trust?