Our First Term, 2013 – 2017

Bridgewater Has Had A Lift!

• Bridgewater is no longer dry! Helped pass vote to allow alcohol to be served in restaurants and pushed for approval of Village Store to become the Bridgewater Bistro.

• A much needed facelift on town buildings. Managed repairs and improvements to buildings & grounds including: Town Hall, Peck House, Burnham Library, Pavilion, Senior Center, Town Garage, basketball & tennis courts and new walkway.

• Brought in new software and computer systems to Town Hall increasing efficiency and modernizing town processes

• More, improved and timely communication to residents! New Town Website and more presence on Facebook, e-mails and “push” notifications to increase information exchange and transparency. Also new brochure and video to attract new residents and maintain property values. Visibility in local and national media.

Fought to Save Burnham School – We’ve turned the corner!

• Defeated regional consolidation and fought to keep Burnham School open and thriving w/rebounding numbers and an innovative curriculum. Active participation and lobbying for Bridgewater at Region 12 Board of Education meetings.

• Worked with PTO, Burnham School Administration and town employees to enroll new students and develop innovative “ACE” (after care and before care) programs that attract new families.

• Implemented creative solutions and marketing plans to bring in area students to bolster enrollment.

No New Taxes! Financial Management

• Lowered property taxes in 3 of past 4 budget years – Strong financial management – low legal fees – no pending litigation.

• Sharing of Resident State Trooper program/expense w/Roxbury (saves $90,000/year)

• Increased customer service in Town Hall by opening 5 days/week w/new telephone system, new hardware & software (without increasing payroll expenses.)

• Applied for and received multiple competitive state grants for town wide improvements.

• Negotiated town crew union contracts. Active management of Regional Animal Control, Medic 4 Ambulance, Newtown Health District and the Western CT Council of Governments.

Keeping Bridgewater Green

• Removed leaking fuel tanks and truckloads of contaminated soils from the Peck House, Grange and Town Garage. Drinking water is now safe from potential contamination.

• Worked with land use boards to improve and modernize zoning regulations. Oversight and review of large development proposals.

• Planning to install 84 solar panels on Town Garage’s new metal roof. Could save the Town $75,000 over next 15 years and reduce our carbon footprint.

• Constant attention to open space and protection of our most unique asset – the land and natural beauty.