• Bridgewater

    We love our town.

  • Bridgewater

    Things are good in Bridgewater.

    The past four years have gone well.

  • Bridgewater

    The town has improved,
    and it's also stayed the same.

    That's letting Bridgewater be Bridgewater,
    and it's also having chosen the right team for your town.

  • Curtis Read

    Bridgewater's First Selectman
    Your Team, Your Town

  • Alan Brown

    Bridgewater's Selectman
    Your Team, Your Town

V I C T O R Y !

Thanks to all of our supporters for their unstoppable hope, help and votes.  Curtis and I are grateful for your confidence in us.  We look forward to another four years working to help all Bridgewater residents and striving to keep Bridgewater the same place that you were either born in or that enchanted you to move here from other places.  We’re a little piece of heaven here and we will never change.  We will have to adapt as the world changes, but we will never alter what makes Bridgewater such a special place.

Thank you to all the people who worked so hard on our campaign, who donated to help us, who endorsed us, and who had our backs along the way.  We’re happy we won and we’re happy to have a new third Selectman to share our duties with us.

 — Alan Brown





The Bridgewater Democratic Town Committee is the voice and face of the Democratic Party in Bridgewater, Connecticut. We think Bridgewater is a great place to live and are grateful for all that nature has given us here.

We understand that it takes effort, discipline and skill to care for our beautiful surroundings, for the town’s infrastructure, its operations and for all of the residents who have chosen to make Bridgewater their home.

We are here to preserve, to protect, to progress and play fair.

And we welcome help from any members of the Bridgewater community in our efforts.